Welcome to the world of Kina Kouture!

Kina's career in fashion design began many years ago doing wardrobe for theater.  Backstage before a fashion show, she's the one doing last minute stitches, glittering the model’s hair, touching up their makeup and cheering them on before they step on the runway.
Kina was honored with the top award for fashion marketing in her class.  She is also a stylist for clients and professional models.
Coco Chanel has alway been her design idol.  It was because of Coco she adopted her own philosophy of good design:  SimpleElegantEdgy
A sherpa is a guide who leads the people up to the mountaintop.  Kina is a sherpa of sorts, who leads her design team to the pinnacle. To Kina, design is the expression of what is going on inside the creative mind being reflected through art on the body.  
Some of her collections over the years have been inspired by the mediums themselves, as in the case of Feathered Frenzy".  Others have been inspired by the characters themselves, such as "SuperHeroes and SuperVillains"
Please enjoy Kina's most recent collection created for the Dunedin Fine Art Center’s annual Wearable Art show.  Over the years this event has become highly anticipated in her hometown of Dunedin, Florida and draws designers from all over the world.