Hair, makeup, body paint in process

Production Team: 

Kasia Singleton

Karin Fonslet

Dana Rizzuto

Bert Halle

Zeynep Doherty

Photography: Shelley Leyland,  Bert Halle

Organizational Assistant:  Anne Halle

Hair and Makeup Artists:  Cheyenne Miller and her team at Bella’s Beauty Bar

Music: Bert Halle

Choreography: Bert Halle,  Kina Halle,  Noel “Mouse Vader” Areziga (Dance)

Body Painting: Pam Trent and her team at Wicked Apple Art


Connor Storch (Gabriel)

Jim Dean (Hellboy)

Joey Chabak (Hawkman)

Dana Rizutto (Iceman)

Tyson Dan Carrieri (Wolverine)

Gianna Chao (Poison Ivy)

Anne Halle (Batgirl)

Chris Geyer (Queen of Hearts)

Margaret Halle (Elektra)

Lisa Sampietro (Hawkgirl)

Ana Scott (Catwoman)